The Issues

When the new legislative session begins, District 7 will look different. It will encompass more of southern Caddo Parish, all of DeSoto Parish (including Mansfield) and more of Sabine Parish. Despite the larger district, our problems remain the same.

District 7 faces significant infrastructure issues. Our district is growing rapidly. We need to make sure that our roads and other infrastructure are improved, so we can continue this growth. At the same time, our roads are an important lifeline for the oil and gas industry. It is time for Baton Rouge to help us improve our roads for the safety of our residents and to support an industry that brings jobs and tax revenue to the state, district and region.

Given my 15 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, I believe that I am perfectly suited to serve on the Natural Resources and Environment Committee. My experience will bring our region a fresh perspective and a vital voice when it comes to crafting laws that deal with our natural resources, which are the lifeblood of the region.

I would also ask to serve on the House Insurance Committee, as tort reform is another top priority. We are facing outrageous vehicle insurance costs at a time when inflation is hitting everyone. Common-sense changes can help lower the burden on both individuals and insurance providers. In turn, this will attract more businesses to Louisiana and the region, as well as improve everyone’s quality of life.

In order to improve the economic outlook of Louisiana, we need a quality education system. A good education is the foundation for every strong community. Providing our children with the best education will allow us to attract businesses to our state. At the same time, it is important that our children’s education be agenda-free. We need to return to the basics and provide every parent control over their children’s education. You should have control over where your education tax dollars are spent, and that money should follow your children.

Tim Pruitt

Together, we can win this!

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